t●wo represe●ntatives to L○AOX's board.Suning● has set tw●o business ta■rgets f

p〓rovide o

or LAOX. Fi○rst, to mak○e LAOX prof◆itable again i●n the next ◆three year〓s; Sec

nline s〓hop

ond, to ex○pand LAOX'○s network in J○apan and sour〓ce household applia●nces from

ping service

China by■ utilizing Sunin○g's local resou●rces to save costs○.Suning's chairman■,

s〓, as Chin

Zhang Jindo■ng, has an a●mbitious plan for■ the company〓's expansion. Earli●er t

ese con○sum
ers had

his year, Suni●ng identifi○ed Hong Kong as the ●first destination.〓 The company plans● to set up ten sto■res in the re

Collect from /

dev●eloped onli◆

gion an〓d move int■o operation by the ■end of this ○year.Sunin◆g's purchase of LA〓OX counters its ar■ch-rival Gome〓, which is China's● biggest consumer e●lectronic reta〓iler. Gome on Mond■ay also announced a ■fundraising plan, wh〓ich involv〓es selling conver●tible bonds t〓o American priva◆te equity f●irm Bain Capit◆al LLC and〓 new shares to e●xisting shareholders○.Based in the 〓eastern city of〓 Nanjing, Suning

ne purchase habits. 〓Ne

ither si●de

is◆ China's secon●d largest home appli■ance chain. It● runs 800 stores in● Bei

has disclos○ed m

ore details o○f the agr


ing will○ invest 800 mi

llion ■yen

jing, Shanghai■ and other ci○ties.LAOX was foun●ded in 1930. It ha〓s 10 stores ◆selling applian●ces, computer○s, telecommunicatio■ns product

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